Monday, March 28, 2022

Spring Break 2022 - Out West - Day Four

Monday morning I got up early to go to the labyrinth behind our hotel and then spent some time in this tiny botanical garden next door. 

Our first family stop of the day was at the Buddhist Peace Park. 

This is a Stupa, that contains relics and people meditate and leave offerings here. 

The seated Buddha was up on the hill above the Stupa. 

From the Peace Park, we went hiking. Our first trail was about 2 miles roundtrip to a place called the Birthing Cave. 

Then we drove a little bit down the road and joined another trail for a 4.5 mile hike to a place called Devil's Bridge. Towards the end there was a lot of climbing of narrow rocky stairs, but we all made it. 

There were lots of people there and a line to go out on the bridge and get pictures. I handed off my iphone to the strangers in front of us, who went around and took our pictures. 

We took our tired sweaty bodies into town for dinner and sat outside at the Cowboy Club downtown. It was fabulous! Loved the mountain views all around us. 


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