Thursday, March 24, 2022

Spring Break 2022 - Out West - Day Two

We had a very full day at the Grand Canyon. We got up early and the boys loved the snow outside! 

We stopped by the General Store inside the park to grab breakfast. 


We had booked an air and land tour through the National Park before our arrival. We started at the airfield just outside the park with the oldest airline that has done Grand Canyon tours for almost 100 years - Grand Canyon  Airlines. We were a bit early, so our boys had a snowball fight in the parking lot before heading in. 

Our pilot Jim let Parker ride up front with him and the rest of us had window seats with big windows for great views. It was incredible to see the Grand Canyon for the first time from the air. 

The land portion of our tour was a Hummer Tour through the Grand Canyon National Park with several stops for us to get out and see the scenery for ourselves. Davis got to ride up front for this experience.  


Davis made a "snowman" while we were waiting for our tour to start.

After our tours, we spent a little time in Tusayan, the town right outside the park. We did a little shopping and stopped for a delicious late lunch/early dinner. 

We went back to rest in our hotel room for a bit and then we drove back out to one of the stops to watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon. So amazing! 

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