Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Week Two of the Labyrinth

Here's a few pictures of week two of walking the labyrinth - including the labyrinths I used while traveling on spring break out West with the family. 



Friday - We were in Las Vegas and it was a driving day towards the Grand Canyon. This was a paper labyrinth in the back of my Sacred Ordinary Days journal. 

Saturday - We were staying inside the Grand Canyon National Park at the Yavapai Lodge. I used this ceramic labyrinth which I received last year in a monthly subscription box for clergywomen. 

Sunday - We were traveling from the Grand Canyon down to Sedona. This labyrinth was located at an Episcopal church in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Monday - This labyrinth was located at an Episcopal church directly behind our hotel in Sedona, Arizona

Tuesday - I walked the same labyrinth behind our hotel, but with a nighttime view. 


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