Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Spring Break 2022 - Out West - Day One

Our Christmas vacation from 2020 got postponed to Christmas of 2021. And then postponed again to Spring Break 2022. We finally got to travel and it was amazing! We flew out of Orlando late on Thursday March 10 to Las Vegas. Our plane was supposed to leave at 10:45pm and left almost an hour late, putting us into Vegas at 2:15am. 

We stood in the Budget car rental line from 3:15am until 4:45am - who knew it would be so busy in the middle of the night! - but thankfully they still had our car reserved. 

We drove to the Luxor hotel for a nap and showers - and started to see the sunrise before we went to bed. We had a room in the bottom corner of the pyramid. 

After we woke up, we grabbed breakfast at the Starbucks in the lobby and headed out to walk around. The big boys wanted to see the nearby sports stadiums. 

Then we set off towards the Grand Canyon. But first we did some touring at the Hoover Dam. 

On our travels again, we stopped in Kingman and tried out Jack in the Box. Delicious! (And I could eat their fries!)

From there we decided to take the slightly longer and more scenic Route 66. Parker was a huge fan of the movie Cars as a little kid and we sang along to the soundtrack of the movie while driving around. 

When we arrived at our hotel - Yavapai Lodge inside the Grand Canyon National Park - there was snow on the ground. Real snow - not artificial. This was the first time any of our boys had seen real snow and they were so excited to get out while we were paying our park entrance fee and play with it. 

The view from our hotel room front porch - with lots of snow on the ground! 


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