Monday, April 18, 2022

Celebrating Easter at Church and with Friends

We had a lovely Sunday of worship at Community. Best attended Sunday of in person worship since Covid hit in March of 2020. This was our Tribe after 9Thirty worship all spiffed up. 

Davis and Tim agreed to acolyte for 11am worship if they could do it together. 

I got to play with the handbell choir one last time. Love this group! 

The kids hanging out together during the 11am service in the Easter Walk Through Experience. 

Our pastoral team. Love these guys. Would not have wanted to serve with anyone else in these craziest of crazy church years. 

After the last service we went up as a family to the Easter Walk Through Experience and added to the mosaic cross and got some family pictures. 

Their puzzled looks at home when we told them to hold out their hands for their Easter gifts and then put nothing into their hands! Lol! Instead of candy and t-shirts, they are getting to go see Orlando City soccer in person when we are on vacation at the end of school. 

Lunch was at the Hills house - blackened Mahi Mahi tacos (mine was taco salad) with a large glass of sangria. Delicious! We had a lovely relaxing day hanging out together. And Amy made me allergy friendly cookies that taste like the old Girl Scout trefoils I used to love so much! 


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