Saturday, April 16, 2022

Easter Family Time

We drove down to Seffner to spend time with family on Saturday - for Easter and for Parker's birthday. 

Davis checking out his height compared to Uncle Nam. 

Grandmommy with 5 of the grandkids. 

Wesley sizing up against Uncle David and Uncle Kelly. He's passed Uncle Kelly and has a little bit to go before catching Uncle David. 

 Parker's birthday cake, compliments of Grandmommy. 

All told there were three generations and twenty five people for lunch! We had Grandmommy there with Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn, Bethany and Kayla plus our five. Also present were Grandaddy's two brothers and their spouses - Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam and Uncle David and Aunt Barbara. Then we had two of Grandmommy's sisters, Aunt Diane with Uncle Steve and Aunt Janice.  Janice had both of her boys and their spouses there (Sam and Sarah and Clark and Lindsey) and her four grandchildren. It was so lovely to have so much family gathered together. Our hearts are full. 

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