Sunday, April 10, 2022

Wesley Gets Confirmed in Church!

For Palm Sunday, Wesley was confirmed in church. He's been working on confirmation our Tribe friend Madeleine all year, led by Amy Hill. It was a beautiful service in which we remembered their baptism and they took their membership vows. Grandmommy, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Dawn, Bethany and Kayla all came up for worship from Seffner. Afterwards they received their membership certificates and new Bibles. 


Grateful to be able to celebrate with these young people! 

The UMW threw a lovely little reception for the families and staff in the Fellowship Hall after the last service of the day. 

And then we came back to the house and had Oakwood Smokehouse for lunch. And Wesley got to open his presents: a confirmation cross from Grandmommy, some spending money from Uncle Daniel's crew and a gold cross necklace from the Mama and Baba. 

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