Thursday, June 30, 2022

Moving into Our Offices

We used one of the garage bays to sort out the books and boxes that went to our respective offices this week. My stack is on the left and Daryl's stack is on the right. 

Christy and I took all of my boxes to the District Office on Tuesday this week and got things about halfway setup before needing to take off. Love this space! The district office just moved last month to a new suite of rooms on the second floor of the Fellowship Hall building of First Sarasota downtown. Just outside my windows on the first floor are playgrounds for the preschool, so I can hear the kids playing when they are outside. It's so lovely. 

Daryl and I drove both cars down to Venice on Wednesday full of his books. His office has been recently remodeled as well and is just gorgeous! The front window there looks out over the patio beside the sanctuary. 

And this is Daryl and his new associate pastor Sarah working together on planning the Sunday worship service. 


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