Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Vacation Day Four

Tuesday was day four of our Orlando vacation and we spent it the morning at the condo and then the afternoon and evening at Epcot. We walked in to the park about 1pm and got popcorn in Canada, then headed back to France to wait in line and ride Remy. Only Wesley was dehydrated and got sick halfway through the line from the heat while we were waiting. Wesley didn't want us all to get out of line, so he and Daryl went to the front and were assisted by Disney staff. 

After Remy, Wesley was feeling better and we walked slowly back to the Land Pavilion for our late lunch at Garden Grill (the restaurant that slowly turns and overlooks the Land boat ride). This is a character meal and another one of the amazing allergy meals on property. Chef Paul came out to talk with me and make sure everything was safe on my plate. The characters came around to visit a lot and had fun playing with the boys about being on their phones and surprising us hanging over the balcony railing. The food was delicious and super plentiful. 

We decided to ride the boat ride and let lunch settle. 

We were in the virtual queue for Cosmic Rewind with a return time of 8:59pm. Daryl, Wesley and Davis decided to go back to the condo and hang out for a bit. While they did, Parker and I got starbucks and hung out together and then we waited in line for one of his favorite rides - Test Track. By the time we got out, Daryl and Wesley met back up with us to ride Cosmic Rewind. The park actually closed while we were in line which made the walk out afterwards to the car nice and easy. 


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