Monday, July 4, 2022

Boy Scout Camp

Wesley and Davis spent last week at Camp Ho Non Wah on Wadmalow Island in South Carolina along the shore of the Bowhicket River. They were pretty homesick at first and we spoke to them on Monday night by phone. That seemed to help and they did awesome after that. Wesley earned 6 badges - including 3 required Eagle ones this week - kayaking, archery, fingerprinting, emergency preparedness, citizenship in the nation and another one. That goes a long way towards catching him up. Davis earned three. And he got recognized at the end of the week for pushing through his homesickness and being a real trooper. And they sang Happy Birthday to him on Friday night and some of the scouts and leaders got him presents from the camp store. They came home hungry, tired and stinky - but they had fun and we're glad to have them back. 

 Day One 


Day Two 

Days Three and Four 

Day Five

Day Six 

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