Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Heading to Camp

On Monday we took off very early for Ocala. Wesley needed to be fitted for another retainer. His younger brother was less than thrilled with our super early departure! (but he did look cute with his new haircut thanks to Baba). 

After the orthodontist, we drove down to Leesburg and met up with friends at Ramshackles before taking the kids to camp for the week. We had 21 for lunch - Allens, Hills, Landstedts, Holdens and the Holdens' friends, the O'Barrios. 

Camp checkin went smoothly and our favorite team member was on nametags for A-G so we got to see him and hug on him! Davis and his bestie Tim are bunkmates and in the building next door to where Parker is also a middle school boys counselor this week. 

After checkin was done, Daryl, Amy and I headed to Disney World. Amy took us to the Cast Connection store as guests and then on to Epcot. It had been five weeks since our last Disney trip and I just need a pixie dust fix. We got some snacks, desserts, walked around and rode the boat ride. It made for a nice time and it was good to be able to hang out together. 


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