Monday, August 29, 2022

Scenes from a Weekend

Daryl's sushi from Drunken Poet Cafe in downtown Sarasota on date day - Spicy salmon roll on the left and Tamp roll on the right. I had "drunken noodles" which were amazing! 

Davis' grumpy face when we were waiting for Parker to come out of his dorm room on Friday night. He was tired of waiting to see his big brother. 

The five of us at Disney. Celebrating a full week of college done for the big boy. We snuck it at the end of the night and got in line for Rise of the Resistance. Then we went over to Disney Springs for late dinner - ie, dessert for everyone! and some shopping. 

Saturday we all chilled in the pool and the back porch. Including the cat. 

Sunday we all got to go to worship at Grace Venice and hear Daryl preach (first time as a family of five since July 3rd!) 

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