Thursday, September 1, 2022

Middle School Open House

Thursday night we got to go to Davis' middle school for Open House and meet all of his teachers and see his classrooms. The campus is huge! And it was weird after being so known at Carver Middle by the faculty and administration to walk into someplace where we knew no one. But folks seemed nice. Davis' is making his mark already and a few of his classmates came up to talk to him too. 

Here's my two favorite bass players! 

Love that his instrument is taller than he is! 

All of the classrooms are set up with these table groupings (with a computer) for seats instead of individual desks. 

And in his tech class Davis has this guard over the keyboard to help him learn to type without 
looking at the keys. 

Science classroom 

Here's hoping the rest of this seventh grade year is a good one. 

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