Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Personal Retreat

A month or so ago, Bishop Carter suggested that I take a day and go away on a kind of personal retreat to reflect and plan and dream for the upcoming year in the district. So today I went away to Lighthouse UMC on Boca Grande. They gifted me the use of the conference room in a quiet back corner for the day with plenty of space to spread out and wifi. I took myself off for a midday walk around the island and just beat the rain back. I got more accomplished than I thought I might. It was a really good day.

A lot of the debris has been picked up since my visit  a few weeks ago. But still signs of damage. 

The beach is open at the lighthouse again; it was closed a couple of weeks ago still. 

This is the bathroom facility at the lighthouse which are still damaged and in need of repair. 

I was even able to get in some planning for my DMin project. 
Here's a few of the books I am using as resources. 


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