Friday, March 17, 2023

An Icy Whiteside

Thursday we went to hike Whiteside Mountain outside of Cashiers. It's coming up in the world - no more putting your parking fare as cash in an envelop in a drop box - now you can pay by card. 

This is only a two mile loop out to the face of the mountain and back, but its the elevation changes that get you and make it challenging. It was one of the warmest weather days on the ground before hiking, but along the trail the weather got cooler and there was ice everywhere on the rocks and sometimes on the ground. 

For lunch we went to Cashiers Valley Smokehouse. Yum! 

Later in the afternoon I went for another hike around the neighborhood. Love the scenery here. And I walked out onto an outcropping in the Horsepasture River for some shots of the small waterfall there. 

In the evening I headed into Cashiers for a yoga class and sound bath and when I got back Daryl put together a roaring fire in the fireplace. 

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