Sunday, April 16, 2023

Back to Gardening

We did a little gardening this weekend. Felt good to be back in the dirt. 
Daryl potted this new palm for the back porch. 

And I potted a few cat safe plants for my little gardening nook. 

And then I started a project on the back of the house. Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture. I'm not sure which district superintendent put in these patio stones and a few potted plants. But it looks like it had been here for years. This rubber plant tipped sideways in its pot and outgrew the plastic pot leaving shards everywhere. The plant sent down taproots down into the soil all around. It was wild and had covered up two other now-dead plants and all of the stones. I dug it all out and trimmed back the rubber plant. Looking forward to getting some herbs and veggies in pots to go out here too. 

Here's the pile of trash cleaned up from under and around the rubber plant. 

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