Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Disney Easter Eggs

Since I'm working Friday this week, I decided to take Wednesday off. I met up with Amy and we went to Disney to do the hotel tour and check out this year's Easter egg displays. We made four hotel stops and had a very lovely day together. 

Stop #1 - The Grand Floridian - this is always the largest and most elaborate of the displays. There were three large sections of Easter eggs framing the main lobby. 

And this was the egg that was inside the Grand Floridian Cafe where we ate breakfast. 

 Stop # 2 - The Contemporary Hotel - this was the smallest of the displays, tucked up near the elevator on the 4th floor, in between the gifts shops and restaurants. 

Stop #3 - Beach Club - not really traditional eggs per se, but a very pretty display. 

Stop #4 - Yacht Club - Probably our favorite of the day in terms of theming - all scenes from Finding Nemo! 

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