Monday, May 15, 2023

Mother's Day Part Two

Grace UMC Venice had the women of the church sign in as they arrived (or have men write down the names of their moms as well) for recognition on Mother's Day. The church collected 286 names and donated that much in funds to a ministry to moms in the community. 

I was able to go and worship with Daryl and the boys for church on Sunday and afterwards, we got some family pictures out in the garden. 

On the way home, the boys and I stopped at Lowe's for garden stakes. My veggies are taking off and need a little support. It was fun to get this set up back at home - also Davis asked for two pepper plants (habanero and jalapeƱo) and I got a small basil plant. 

Then I made lunch - it was a treat for me to cook because I don't get to do that much anymore. Yummy crockpot ribs, home fries and peas. 

In the afternoon our dear friends the Hills joined us for some hang out time. They dropped off their dog River with us too for the next ten days as they travel abroad on vacation with Amy's parents. 

It was a lovely way to  mark the day! 

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