Saturday, May 13, 2023

Trip Down Memory Lane

When I was a student at USF, the Honors Program had three offices and two adjoining classrooms for a lounge on the second floor of Cooper Hall 

On Friday I went back for the dedication of the newest building on USF's campus - the Judy Genshaft Honors College Building. This was under construction in 2021 when we visited the campus with Parker. 

The finished product is breathtaking. This amazing space is 80,000 square feet over 5 floors - with art studios, music studios, culture and computer labs, classroom, offices, event space and more. The panels on the outside actually change color depending on the amount of sunlight that is present on the building panel. 

There were several speakers at the ceremony including, Dr. Chuck Adams, the current Honors dean 

Naziza Bhuiyan, Honors Council President (first international student to serve as council president) 

Dr. Judy Genshaft and her husband Steve Greenbaum - she's a former USF president and they donated $23 million for the new building 

Touring the new space - those cantilevered boxes suspended in the atrium are learning lofts. Some have chairs, and others have tables for studying. 

This is the new Honors Council conference room 

One of the large classrooms in the space - and it overlooks Cooper Hall next door 

Me with Naziza - Honors Council Presidents 25 years apart (1998 and 2023) 


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