Friday, June 9, 2023

Orlando Vacation Disney Time Part Seven

Friday started with lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe inside Wilderness Lodge. The Hills were able to make a reservation to match ours and they combined our parties. We had a kids table and a grownup table! The waitress Sharie was amazing and she really hammed up the antics, feeding several of the kids and Daryl. 

We took the boat from Wilderness Lodge over to the Magic Kingdom and rode the train first thing all around the perimeter of the park. This has been suspended for a long time while they were working on Tron because the train goes through a tunnel under the Tron ride now. 

As we got off the train we caught the tail end of the afternoon parade! 

Then we started hitting some more rides - Pirates and Haunted Mansion of course. Always go with the classics. 

Then Carousel of Progress to stay dry with the threatening rain and off to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Amy beat everyone with the highest score! 

It was hot and we were all dragging a bit. So we stopped off for some pictures with the castle and then the new Pride photo op by the purple wall. 

One last glance at the train station on the way out. This was our last park day of the trip. 


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