Tuesday, August 22, 2023

College Round Two

This is the sad face of a dog whose boy is headed back to college. 
She did not like all the packing on Sunday night. 

Monday Daryl and I drove Parker up to Lakeland. This year he is in Jenkins Hall, the one building in Greek Village that has non-fraternity boys housed there. 

This year Parker is in a double sharing a floor bathroom. It's still a good size space with lots of storage. 



The view from Parker's desk through the window. 

After we got most everything set up, we headed out to lunch and met the Hills downtown at Harry's. They're only 20 minutes away from Parker's school and he sometimes goes to their church on Sunday mornings.

Last pictures of the day.. he's ready for sophomore year to start! 

And when we got home, this was in the mail. Dean's list for the Spring semester! 

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