Saturday, August 26, 2023

Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Friday Daryl and I went to Magic Kingdom and met up with Amy and CJ. We were there for a bucket list item for me and Amy - Keys to the Kingdom Backstage Tour. We spent 5 hours walking around the park, during which time we got to go on three attractions (Jungle Cruise, Enchanted Tiki Room and Haunted Mansion). We got a special catered lunch at Peco's Bill Tavern. And we also go to go backstage and see where they store all of the parade floats and watch them drive them and also the Electric Water Pageant floats. And we got to walk downstairs and throughout the utilidors - the tunnels that run below all the attractions. 

Amy and I on Jungle Cruise - this is the "backside" or water! 

We got to hear all about the secrets of the Haunted Mansion before going on the ride. 

It was hot as blazes but it was fabulous. Our tour guide was amazing - Darlene is the daughter of an Imagineer who helped build Disney World - and before that he worked in California. When she was a child, she knew Walt Disney and had so many stories to share. 

One last stop before we left Disney property. We went over to Port Orleans French Quarter resort for beignets. Regular ones for everyone else and the allergy friendly (not Mickey shaped ones) for me. Delicious! 


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