Monday, September 4, 2023

Scenes from A Saturday

Daryl made biscuits and gravy for the whole family on Saturday morning - including a special allergy safe version for me - so delicious! This is the first time I've eaten this in almost six years! 

I got in a labyrinth walk at Unity Church in Sarasota. I figured out today why I like this one so much - Mom loved bromeliads and had a bunch in the backyard where we used to hang our hammock under the trees. Feels like being in our backyard when I walk this labyrinth. 

We harvested a few habanero peppers and some basil from our makeshift garden. This is about the third crop of these and we've had jalapeƱo peppers too. The okra and the green beans never flowered so they never produced any veggies. We'll try again next year. 

The cat found a comfy spot to rest on the clean towels that needed folded. 

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