Monday, October 16, 2023

A Disney Play Day

All three boys had Monday off of school. So Daryl and I took Monday off and went for a Disney play day. We drove over and stayed at a cheap motel on Sunday night. 

First thing up in the morning it was our goal to meet Figment. Figment has always been my favorite Disney character since my dad took us there on opening day in 1982. This meet and greet is brand new for the 100th Disney celebration. We were 2 families from the line to get our picture taken with Figment when the building was evacuated because of some kind of fire hazard. It didn't reopen at all that day, so we'll have to come back to meet Figment another time. 

We hopped on the Living with the Land boat ride next door. And on the way into the building Davis spotted these two cute pumpkins up on the side of the building. 

And then we went upstairs to the rotating restaurant to have lunch at Garden Grill. This was a special package lunch to be able to have tickets to see Air Supply later in the afternoon. Lunch was amazing as always at Garden Grill - and I eat so well there with all my allergies.

And of course there are the characters that make their way around. Most of the time the boys are blasé about characters but the characters managed to coerce some fist bumps and interactions out of them. 

On our way to the World Showcase (to walk off our lunch), we stopped for some family pictures. 

Then our virtual queue time was called for the Moana, Journey of Water attraction. This was its grand opening day (we missed the passholder previews). This is such a fun attraction to visit and learn about water and play - even the teenagers and grownups enjoyed it. 

Then it was time for the Air Supply concert back in the America pavilion. They still have it and they were hamming it up. 30 minutes of some of their most popular hits. It was great! 

We snuck in one last ride before heading home - the Guardians ride. This plays six different songs and we finally got a new one to us "One Way or Another." 

It was a lovely fun day away! 


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