Sunday, October 22, 2023

Life in the District

This past Sunday I presided over four charge conferences: three in Punta Gorda and one in North Fort Myers. All of them were very hope filled gatherings, celebrating a lot of great ministry in the last year. 

Friendship UMC Punta Gorda - this church weathered hurricane damage and some talk about disaffiliation. They have been up to some exciting things and have embraced their bent flame from storm damage as you can see from their sign: 

Cleveland UMC Punta Gorda - this church has a tremendous feeding ministry that happens out of its fellowship hall every week. They also run a very profitable thrift shop that supports 1/4 of their budget. And they have such gorgeous stained glass in their sanctuary. 

Christ Community UMC Punta Gorda - this church just recently renovated their sanctuary, replacing carpet and chairs. They have a huge thrift store ministry as well. 

Good Shepherd UMC North Fort Myers - this church has been continually hosting volunteer teams for disaster recovery on their property since last year's hurricane, in addition to all their other ministries. We got to hold charge conference in the chapel of their newest building. 

Grateful for my partner in ministry, our district lay leader Nancy Metz who traveled all day with me to churches. 

I received several cards congratulating me for the completion of my doctoral degree. And my new title got updated on the conference website. 

Daryl had the privilege of baptizing Pastor Sarah's two children this past weekend in worship. 

And here's a couple of pictures from last month when Daryl and Sarah presented Bibles to the third graders at both services. 


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