Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Clergy Connection

Tuesday Daryl and I got to spend time in Lakeland with 280 of our clergy from around the conference for the "Bishop's Clergy Day Apart." I had the great privilege of planning this event for the last couple of months and the experience exceeded my expectations. The spirit of joy and hope was palpable! 

With my candidacy mentor, Rev. Sharon Dey. She's retired now, but when I was in college she was serving Hillsborough UMC in Tampa. 

My friend Rev. Emily Denmark McGee - we served on the camp leadership team in 1997 and we were in the same small group of the Generative Leadership Academy a few years back. 

With our friend Rev. Lisa Degrenia - she traveled with Daryl and I to England years ago. She wrote a beautiful original litany for the Clergy Gathering. 

My Beloveds Covenant Group - so grateful for all of their support. 

Daryl with two of our good friends and his clergy covenant buddies. 


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