Monday, February 19, 2024

Around the District

I started off on last Sunday preaching at Trinity UMC in Bradenton on Joy. 

I sat in on three different Zoom trainings for clergy and laity related to Disaster Response and Recovery in our conference. Turns out you have some things to share after leading a district through recovery from a major hurricane. 

I took time out for a labyrinth walk. 

And on Wednesday I also had the privilege to lunch with two clergywomen in the district whom I have known since 1997 when we were all three candidates together in the Tampa area. 
So grateful for Kim and Tamara. 

Friday and Saturday I volunteered at Exploration 2024 in Orlando (hotel next to Universal Studios) which is an event for young adults from around the UMC to come explore the idea of calling to ministry. I went to Exploration 1996 in Texas. I got to participate in worship, meet some of our students from Florida, and chat with several of the bishops from around the connection. 

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