Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Easter Celebration

Daryl woke up at 3:45am and got ready on Sunday morning to head to the beach in Venice for Easter sunrise service, set for 7:15am. When he got to the beach at 6:15am, there were already 100 people waiting for worship. We had to delay the start of worship a bit because there was a traffic jam of people trying to park at Service Club Park (in their overflow lot). By the time things started, there were 728 people there on blankets and with beach chairs for worship. Simply astounding! This was their 2nd year for beach sunrise - last year they had 201 people....

Such a simple and pretty backdrop for worship. 

I took the boys to Starbucks and then we went to the church for the 9am worship service (I changed clothes and put on my Easter fascinator!) 


After the service, we got our family pictures taken at the photo spot. Wesley was taller than the backdrop! 

Before Parker and I left, we helped move some lilies around between the two worship spaces. The sanctuary looked beautiful! And Daryl got a new alb and a new stole for the Easter celebration. 


Both of the regular services were over their regular attendance - so instead of 400 in two services, they had 500 in attendance. And the energy and hope and joy was super evident in all the worship spaces. 

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