Sunday, May 5, 2024

GC Week Two Update

Florida delegation and some of our Florida friends on the last day of Conference. 
It is finished. And we got every thing we were hoping for. 

More selfies with friends......

Justin LaRosa - we kept each other quiet during the legislative committees

Jess Scott from our delegation 

Pastor Robin and Carla from First UMC Bradenton 

Dr. Anne Burkholder, seminary professor and former pastor in our conference

Rev. David Dodge who has been working towards deacon's rights for years; the former Clergy Excellence Director in Florida when I was in the process 


Sean Pollock is the music director at New Covenant UMC in the Villages 

Rev. Andy Oliver from Allendale UMC St. Petersburg; he's a huge advocate in the church for Reconciling Ministries

Rev. Tammy is from Florida but pastors now in South Carolina. We were summer camp counselors together in college. 

Rev. Ivan Gonzalez from Florida now works for General Commission on Religion and Race 

Throughout the week I served as the videographer for our Bishop and his daily update messages back to the Florida Conference 

There were a lot of worship services with some really great elements. 

Bishop Tracy Malone is the new Chair of the Council of Bishops and our first African-American female council president 

Me with Latricia, Tiffany (from Mississippi) and Dr. Candace Lewis - we started the love train dancing in the observer section during worship that spread throughout the whole convention center 

I was glad to be able to go to worship at First UMC Charlotte with two lay members of our FLUMC delegation helping lead communion 

 Plenary sessions had historic votes and other important moments. 

The passing of the gavel 
Dr. Candace Lewis elected to the University Senate 

Some of our delegates like Molly got to speak from the platform of GC 

When the deacons were granted sacramental rites, there was a lot of celebrating on the next break. 

Rev. Leo Yates wrote the petition that was approved and Florida's Justin LaRosa organized the deacons to lobby for its approval 

We celebrated the ministry of UMCOR and they had a big solar unit set up outside one day. 

Every morning the Florida folks gathered for prayer before morning worship. On the last day, Justin got to lead us in communion! 

I got to do a lot of walking around town and there was so much cool art everywhere! 

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