Sunday, May 12, 2024

Space Center Camping

For Mother's Day weekend, the Boy Scout Troop went to the Space Center. Davis and I went along. We camped at the Kars Park on Merritt Island, which is a part of the NASA property. The campsite was right alongside the Indian River Lagoon. We got there late on Friday night and set up in the dark. 

Saturday morning in the light. Such a pretty view. You could also see Port Canaveral in the distance. 

The Space Center has changed a lot even since our last family visit in 2020. Davis and I had a lot of fun exploring. 

We took the bus trip out to the Apollo/Saturn building and it went past the Vehicle Assembly Building.

After exploring, we took the bus back and went into the new Gateway building about new space exploration. We even rode one of the Mars simulators. 

And then it was time to explore the Atlantis building and the shuttle launch experience. That simulator is about 3x as serious as the Mission Space experience at Disney. 

And we got to meet an astronaut! 
He is the research manager for the International Space Station at Kennedy. 
He flew on one of the early Challenger shuttle missions. 

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