Monday, June 17, 2024

25th Anniversary Adventure - Day Two

Early Wednesday morning we left from Tampa International Airport for San Francisco and then Honolulu, Hawaii for our big anniversary trip. 

I loved getting to see California from the air - right over where I was born. 

We landed in Hawaii at 4:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday. Norwegian Cruise Line picked us up from the airport and brought us to our hotel, the Hyatt Regency on Waikiki Beach. We have a beautiful oceanview room in the tower on the left. 

After unpacking a bit, we went out to walk the beach. 

And we explored a little bit around the hotel. We found a little restaurant, LeAhi Bar and Grill for dinner. Daryl had loaded tots and a burger with fries. I had chicken with garlic rice. All super yummy! 

We managed to stay up until about 9pm to keep ourselves on a schedule and ward off jet lag and then headed off to bed. 

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