Saturday, July 6, 2024

25th Anniversary Adventure - Day Eight

Tuesday was our first day on the Island of Hawai'i, otherwise known as the Big Island. We spent the day in Hilo. Our first stop was a place called Big Island Candies and watched them make these special chocolate dipped cookies among other treats. 

And then our tour bus drove out to Volcano National Park. This was so cool! We started our tour on the side with the steam vent fields. 

Then we went to the visitor center and museum and over to Volcano House on the edge of Kilauea's  Halema'uma'u Crater for some great views. This volcano was actively producing lava in the crater from 2008-2018. 

 And finally Daryl and I did a little hiking along the rim trail. 

After sunset the ship set sail again to the other side of the Big Island to dock at Kona. 

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