Wednesday, July 3, 2024

25th Anniversary Adventure - Day Four

Friday morning our tour was Pearl Harbor. We got there early and signed up for the tour to the Arizona Memorial. While we were waiting on the boat over, we looked around the main park a bit. 

We were the second boat over to the Memorial. So incredibly sad and powerful to experience in person. 

Back at the main park, we boarded the bus that took us over to Ford Island on the active military base. The first part of the tour there was the USS Missouri, where the treaty was signed to end World War 2. 

The spot where the treaty was signed. 

This marks the spot where a kamikaze pilot crashed into the side of the Missouri. 

Here's some of the spaces below decks. 

Then we went to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. There are a lot of exhibits inside one of the airplane hangars and a lot of planes outside on the tarmac. There was even a special tent exhibit about the work that Disney Studios did with the military during World War 2. 

Then it was back to the main park to tour the USS Bowfin submarine and also visit the Waterfront Memorial honoring all the submariners who died in World War 2. 

When we got back to the hotel we decided to lay down for a nap. It wasn't too long until the sounds of hula made their way up to our room - there was a hula performance in the open air lobby of the hotel between the two towers. 

Later we went back to the mall to get food from a different food hall vendor for dinner. And there was another hula demonstration in the green space at the mall. 

This is the ring I got for Daryl while we were in Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary. That's native Hawaiian Koa wood. 

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