Thursday, July 5, 2007

Family Reunion Fun

For Father's Day weekend this year, we attended the first family reunion for Daryl's mother's side of the family - the Davis family. Specifically it was for the descendants of Joyce's grandparents, Warren and Irene Porter Davis. Warren and Irene had 5 children: Lance, Helen, Howard, Doris and Gene. Their 3 surviving children (Helen, Doris and Gene) were present and all five branches were represented with family present. We were also blessed to have other Davis relatives join us who were descended from Warren's brothers. All told between 50-60 people attended from Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina and even Colorado.

Saturday's big gathering was held at the Tampa Wholesale Nursery in Dover, owned and operated by Daryl's Great-uncle Gene and his two sons Steve and Mike. Gene and Steve both have homes on the main property where we gathered. Steve has a permit to help rehab wild animals and the children and adults alike got a lot of pleasure out of seeing all the cool animals in their cages and wandering around. We kicked things off there with a family memorial service and a huge barbeque and potluck. Sunday we all worshipped together at the First UMC of Seffner (where Daryl and I grew up and were married) and then more food and fun.

With our love for genealogy it was so much fun to be gathered together with all those relatives - some we had known for years, some we'd only met once and many we got to meet for the very first time. Parker probably won't remember much of it, but he did have a blast with all the people around and we have plenty of pictures to share our memories.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! I hope we can get one going for our immediate family and one for the "Davis" family. I am sure I will need yours and Daryl's help getting it started. I am very technology challenged.
Aunt Jani