Friday, July 6, 2007

It's Official!

We went for the ultrasound this morning to finally see just who this new baby is - an Emma or a Wesley. And it's official - another baby boy for this Allen Family. There was no doubt in the technician's mind; in her words "he enjoys showing off." Wesley Robert is scheduled for his premiere appearance at the end of November, hopefully on Daddy's birthday (11-29).

Because of our love for genealogy and following in the tradition of Parker Wayne's name, the new baby is also named for family members: one from Dad's side and one from Mom's side. Wesley was Daryl's great-grandfather (Carroll Wesley Sparks) and Robert is for Debbie's father (who was also named after his grandfather, Robert Elmer Miles).

We are excited to finally know who this active little person is inside Mommy's tummy. Parker was with us for the ultrasound and enjoyed looking at the screen. He understands he'll be the big brother and even wants to share his toys and room at this point (we still want to get it on tape to remind him later on!). But he seemed a little confused on what Wesley will mean for family relationships: "Will you still be my Mommy and Daddy? And I can still be Parker?" Our hearts melted. Our little guy is so awesome - how could we not have wanted another child?


Anonymous said...

And other comment, congratulations on Wesley. May he get out a lot of energy now. And Happy Anniversary on the 10th.
Aunt Jani

Anonymous said...

Well if you miss Nov 29th maybe you can hold out for Dec 3rd.