Friday, July 13, 2007

Lift Off! - Soarin' To New Heights With God

Vacation Bible School was all this week at church. Our theme was "Lift Off! - Soarin' To New Heights with God." Debbie did the opening and closing ceremonies and taught music each day. This was Parker's first year as a regular student at VBS instead of just sort of wandering around as the "mascot." And he did pretty well at making the adjustment - especially because some of his favorite friends were there from church (Shalyn and Aydenn) and from the childcare (Dakota, Richey, Tyler and Kayla). Parker's Preschool-Kindergarten class was the biggest class with 21 students (they had 5 very patient teachers!).

The kids worked all week long to raise money for the Heifer Project as their special mission project (special thanks to Grandmommy for making all the ceramic cow banks!). Parker's class came in 2nd place overall, raising $69. With the extra offering from closing ceremonies, the grand total raised was about $375.00. That means we can purchase a water buffalo ($250), a trio of rabbits ($60) and a Flock of Hope ($60) which includes chicks, ducklings and goslings. They did an awesome job!!

Tonight was the closing program at the church. Our puppet, Skylar the Flying Squirrel, reviewed all the stories and verses the kids had learned and the kids sang the songs that they had worked so hard to learn. Parker's class sang the first four songs and then they got to go sit with their families. Since Mommy was up front leading music and Daddy was in the sound booth, Parker went to sit with his favorite teacher. Below is a link to a movie clip with the parts where Parker sang. While you can't hear very well what the kids are singing, you can get the idea of how much they are enjoying dancing around. That's Mommy in the bottom right helping with the words and motions. Parker is front and center - and as you can see he's not the least bit shy about using the microphone. Enjoy!

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