Friday, July 20, 2007

Sick Days

We love comedian Bill Engvall and saw his standup act in person while living in Kentucky. After Parker was born, something Bill had said came back to us: "No one would ever be late to work if the sound on the alarm clock was a baby barfing! Alright people let's go to work; there's no barf on me today!"

Amen to that! Nothing jolts you out of bed faster and that's exactly the sound that Mommy awoke to this morning: Parker threw up 5 times in 4 hours. Lots of fun time spent cleaning up child and carpet today! Fortunately, Parker didn't have a fever and after a nice long nap, he was able to start drinking some Pedialyte and eating applesauce and toast. He's now tucked in for the night and sleeping peacefully.

As always it's hard to watch your little one be sick and several things worked against Parker today. He wanted Daddy but Daddy was at work at the hospital and couldn't come home (although he did get to talk to Daddy on the phone). Parker also wanted to go to the doctor's office (so he could play with their toys) but the phone nurse wanted us to try some things before bringing him in. But the worst part was how upset he was at missing school. He really, really wanted to go to school with all his friends and couldn't understand why Mommy wouldn't take him: "I don't want to be sick anymore Mommy. I won't throw up anymore, just please take me to school." Even the prospect of getting to play with trains and watch tv didn't cheer him up at first. Thank God for the wonderful invention of TIVO and several saved episodes of "Wubbzy" from Noggin - it was the only thing that kept us sane here today......

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