Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sleep - A Precious Commodity

Sleep. Such a simple thing before children. So complicated to work out after they join your lives. And yes, we know it will only get worse once Wesley arrives!

After our ultrasound appointment yesterday, we took Parker to childcare at church. They've been doing summer camp and the fire truck was scheduled for a visit in the afternoon. Parker didn't want to miss it. Mom and Dad took advantage of the opportunity to go home and take..... a NAP! We'd both been up early and after a busy week we were tuckered out. We woke up very shortly before the end of the childcare day and rushed to pick Parker up. We felt so bad - he was the last kid there. But he was happily playing with his favorite teachers. We told the teachers that if that ever happened again, just to call us. But one of them knew that Daryl had been so busy with his hospital chaplaincy and that Friday was a rare day off for him. This teacher figured we were spending our afternoon catching up on important things - and we were - SLEEP!

And we're glad for the nap. Because instead of getting to sleep in on this Saturday morning, we got a little person in bed at 6:45am wanting some snuggle time, some juice and "Wubbzy" on the TV!

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