Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weird Random Thought of the Day

Some kids toys should come with tracking devices... it doesn't have to be a GPS; something as simple as "the clapper" would work so you can find them easily. That would be a wonderful time saving device for parents everywhere!

Last night in picking up the gazillion matchbox cars Parker has, we couldn't find Lightning McQueen (from the Cars movie). We had all the other characters from the movie, including Chick who we finally found inside the pull out bed part of our sofa. But no Lightning McQueen. We looked a bit, but it was late. McQueen was the first thing Parker asked for this morning and the first thing he asked about when he got home from school. After almost 30 minutes of searching this evening (through our cars as well as under all our furniture and through Parker's toybox) we finally find Lightning McQueen mixed in with some other toys.... on the back porch.

If you invent a tracking device for toys, please let us know. We'll be the first in line to buy a few.

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