Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting Ready For Wesley

Nesting - "a phase mothers go through before bringing a baby home where they have an urge to clean one's house from top to bottom, rearrange everything, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize...."

This is definitely what's been happening at our house over the last several weeks. As Debbie has been feeling better, we've been cleaning and organizing the house, especially "the boys' room." While Wesley will spend some time in our room in a bassinet, the boys will be sharing a room. And since Parker gets very upset when we move things around, we figured we would start now so he could get used to the changes long before the baby actually arrives.

A couple of weekends ago, Debbie's mom came and spent a whole Saturday helping to sort through all the baby clothes we had saved and then rearrange the dressers and closet of the boys' room. Parker got excited to see the other closet organizer like his go in with all the baby clothes. He loves to pick up the little tiny shoes and sandals and tell us "Don't touch - these are Wesley's shoes!" And then last week Daryl's brother Daniel came with his family to help us pick up a loft bed for the room. This bed is similar to a bunk bed and includes a dresser, bookshelves, as well as desk with drawers. Right now we have the bottom bunk in with the mattresses until we can get them in storage. But we will be sliding Wesley's crib underneath there instead.

It's been over a week now and fortunately Parker seems to have adapted well to the new bed. He only spent the first few days asking us to bring his old bed, dresser and shelves back. He certainly loves climbing up and down the stairs.

It's the desk though that is probably Parker's most favorite feature. One of his first comments was "Daddy now I have an office just like you. But I don't have a computer." Do you need a computer, Parker? "No, I need space to color." And he has spent hours in there over the last week jamming to his music and coloring away. We just hope he still enjoys the room when he has to share it.

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