Saturday, August 25, 2007

Relaxing on Vacation

We're away on vacation finally! We arrived safely, unpacked, already relaxed in the pool. So far so good!!!!

We've made our annual pilgrimage to Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. But a few things are new this year. First of all, we're on our own instead of being here with the whole Davis side of Daryl's family (his mom, her three sisters and their spouses, plus kids). Scheduling vacation seemed to get harder this year between Uncle Don's liver transplant, cousins Sam and David going away to grad school and Daryl doing his chaplain internship at Tampa General. Without the other 20 people here it seems kind of lonely. But I'm sure we'll adapt - especially since both sets of grandparents have promised to come visit for a day. Also, we're staying someplace new (Crescent Towers) although it's right next door to the old place. Sea Castle, where Daryl's family has stayed for the last 20 years, has been sold and will be torn down soon to make room for some pricey high rise condos. But the new place seems pretty nice and has lots more space. It's about the size of our first apartment in Kentucky.....

We'll update more later. Right now we have our priorities - there's a Bucs preseason football game on tv that needs watching. Below is a picture of Daddy and Parker dressed up for the first preseason game a few weeks ago (Mary the cat is hanging out behind them).

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