Friday, September 7, 2007

Life On the Beach

No we're not still on vacation - we've been back for almost a week now. We meant to update sooner on how our vacation went, but as you know the return to reality can sometimes be hectic and that's where we've found ourselves.

Our vacation was absolutely wonderful - extremely relaxing and very enjoyable. Our new digs proved to be just great and since we went after school had started, the beach was much less crowded than what we're used to.

Parker took to the water right away again, using his arm floaties and swimming around in the pool and the Gulf with no problems. This time he even decided it was ok to put his head under and one of his favorite things turned out to be jumping into the pool from the side. He also loved digging in the sand, hunting for shells and making little sandcastles.

We had a couple of days with family visiting: Daryl's parents stopped by on Sunday and Debbie's mom on Thursday. Parker especially enjoyed the time to hang out with his grandparents.

Although we didn't too much besides hit the beach, the pool and do some shopping, Parker played hard and was usually pretty worn out by the end of the day. This night he conked out with Daddy by 8pm - way early for him!!!

One of Mommy's favorite rituals is to venture down to the beach as the sun is going down. We got to do that a couple of times and so we close our vacation album with some of Daddy's great pictures of the setting sun. Enjoy!

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