Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take Me Out To The Rays Game!

Last Friday night we took Parker to see the Devil Rays play the Red Sox at Tropicana Field. While the Devil Rays ended up losing (8 to 1), we still managed to enjoy the game. Parker loves watching sports with Daddy on tv and when the Devil Rays come on, he always sings "Take Me Out To the Rays Game." He gets a big kick out of watching sports in person too - at the Rays games he really likes Raymond the mascot, the blimp that flies over the crowd, the touch tank of rays, and he really likes the hot dogs! So here's a few pictures of our little Devil Rays fan all dressed up at the game. Enjoy!

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Doug and Terrye said...

I'm glad that y'all are teaching Parker the important things in love the Lord, and baseball!!!!