Monday, September 10, 2007

The New Karate Kid

Last week Parker went with Daddy to register for karate classes and tonight was the first class. There were four students in his class; 2 three year-olds and 2 five year-olds.

Sensei Tony did a great job with the kids and for the most part Parker listened and tried to follow along. For most of the time, he did really well at listening and stood (or sat) in line with the other kids. They learned about how to stand still and bow. They practiced basic punches and also basic kicks. And when they count - they count in Japanese. So Parker started learning how to count to five in another language. They also started learning their first two Dragon codes: 1) Always Follow Directions and 2) Treat Others With Respect.

At first the kids practice everything in a line together and
then Sensei Tony had them come up and practice one-on-one with him.

Then the kids worked with partners. Parker was paired up with a little girl named Lily. He had to hold the pads for her and then she had to hold them for him.

We thought it went really well tonight and that the Sensei did a great job working with all the kids and getting them to listen to him. We appreciate the fact that parents are invited to sit in the back and observe (as long as they don't interfere). We're all looking forward to next week.

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