Monday, October 8, 2007

First Day at Angels

So today was Parker's first day at God's Little Angels.
Here he is on the sidewalk in front of his new school this morning.

Parker picked out his outfit himself (this is part of his karate chore list). He's got on a Tow-Mater hat, with a baseball shirt, jean shorts and his school shoes (stinky sneakers good for playing in mulch playgrounds!).

And of course, he's holding the much desired Cars lunchbox!!!! Parker is thrilled about taking his lunch to school. Today he had a PBJ sandwich, grapes and sunchips along with a Cars thermos of apple juice.

When we picked him up this afternoon his class was out on the playground. And when he saw us he immediately burst into tears. Now we're used to this, as this was common at Noah's when he was playing outside. But his teacher Miss Jeanette seemed a little worried. She quickly spoke up and told us that he hadn't cried all day until just now. We laughed and reassured her that this was normal Parker! Miss Jeanette also told us that he had been very good all day, gotten along well with the other children and had such good manners. Parker even laid down for a nap - and although he didn't sleep, he didn't keep the other kids up either which is an improvement. Mr. Manners also apparently helped pickup toys without a problem and even directed the other seven kids in the class where to put them! That's our Parker....

And just to make the day even more special, Angels had a special visitor. One of the parents in the 4year old class is a police officer and so he brought his police car by today and let all the kids climb in it and make the siren go. He also handed out stickers.

When we were trying to extract Parker from the playground, he asked Daddy if he could come back soon. We told him again that this was his new childcare and that he would be back tomorrow. That helped calm the tears.

Here's hoping and praying the rest of the week goes so well.

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