Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Today the truck finally arrived with the pumpkins for our church's annual Pumpkin Patch. It was supposed to be here last Saturday but broke down before it ever got out of New Mexico. So this afternoon it finally got here. We had about 30 volunteers show up to help unload and we pulled 1539 bulk pumpkins off the truck, plus several hundred mini pumpkins in big cartons for the little kids that visit from schools and daycare centers. Daddy missed out on all the fun since he had school today, but Parker and Mommy helped. Mommy sat in a chair and counted all the pumpkins as they came off the truck while Parker and his good little buddy Aydenn helped moved the mini pumpkins around on the pallets and played chase. They had a blast. It took about 2.5 hours to unload everything and then we celebrated with pizza!

Here's a few pictures of our very fun, very orange day.....

The boys head off with Miss Shirley.

The boys in the back field working on the mini pumpkins.

Mommy and Aydenn sitting in the shade.

The boys chilling with Aydenn's little sister in the car seat - that's baby Emma.

The boys goofing off in the wheelbarrow.

Looking for white pumpkins out in the patch!

Good buddies hanging out.

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