Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thank You to Generous Friends

Just wanted to say thanks to the Reveron family tonight. They've been so sweet and generous with us this week. On Thursday, we sat with them at SATCH dinner at church. Daddy was having to leave after dinner to drive across the state for a school project the next morning. Because this was a last minute trip Mommy had forgotten to make childcare arrangements for Parker during Bible study after dinner. There were a few people at dinner who have babysat Parker, so when we realized what happened, we planned to ask around. When the Reverons found out what was going on, they generously volunteered to take Parker home with them so that he and Aydenn could play trains. The two boys got to play and had a blast. Parker also likes helping with Aydenn's little sister Emma. Parker cried when Mommy went to pick him up.

Then today after church we had charge conference which is like our annual business meeting - it usually takes a couple hours. The Reverons were headed off after church to meet up with some other friends to see Sesame Street Live presents "Elmo Makes Music." They approached us after church and volunteered to take Parker along too so he could hang out with Aydenn while we were at the business meeting. So Parker went to lunch with them, got to see his first live stage show with his good buddy and they even went out for ice cream after! The report we got back was that he was very well-behaved and enjoyed himself - standing up in front of his seat to dance along with Elmo!

Thanks for all your help and generosity this week!

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