Monday, October 29, 2007

Trunk N Treat

Sunday night was Trunk N Treat at the church. People from the church decorate their vehicles and sit by them and hand out candy. Parker picked out his own costume this year when we were shopping in the mall - we ventured into the Disney store and he had to be a "race car driver" from the movie CARS. So Mommy and Daddy decided to coordinate our efforts - we decorated the back of the minivan with Daddy's tools and stuff and ended up being Parker's Pit Crew (as our friend Errick said, "art imitates life" for that's what parents are right?). Daddy also hooked up the portable DVD players and we played the CARS movie throughout the evening which made us a huge hit with the kids. Parker was much more into the whole Halloween thing this year, especially the candy!

Uncle Daniel also stopped by with Dawn and the kids. Micah was a Power Ranger, Bethany was a fairy complete with wings and Kayla was Cinderella.

Unfortunately, we lost our race car driver for part of the evening. His good buddy Aydenn was parked next to us and so the race car driver joined the train conductor to hand out candy.

Here's Aydenn with his family: mom Stacee, dad Errick and baby sister Emma. They had the whole Thomas the Train theme going on with the Island of Sodor and all the trains decked out in the back of their pickup truck.

Trunk N Treat went awesome and we had lots of families with kids show up for the fun. We had some entertainment and as well as free hayrides for the kids. And the Pumpkin Patch continued to sell like never before - another record setting sales day and we've grossed over $12,000 in sales now with three days left to go!

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