Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catchin' Up

So here's what's happening in our house these days.

Mommy's extra busy at church with the start of Lent. Daddy started back to school last Tuesday. He has two classes this semester that should be interesting: United Methodist Theology and the book of Exodus. Parker is much better and Wesley did not catch strep and his cold seems to have gone away. Parker has a great explanation for why he feels better: "All the germs went back to the big germ house in the sky!"

Parker was feeling good enough to want to get on his bike and go ride in the neighborhood. He and Daddy went one day while Mommy was at work and Wesley got to ride in the stroller. When they clocked how far Parker had ridden they'd gone 2 miles!!!! We did the trip again as a whole family the next day except this time Wesley rode in the sling on Mommy. Aunt Barbara's daughter Robin used one of these with baby Nathan last year and Mommy thought it was so cool she ordered one. It's a great way to carry the baby and have your hands free at the same time!

Today after church Parker had fund playing with his good friend Aydenn. While parents chatted, the boys pushed each other around in the wheelchair we keep for guests in the narthex. They did a great job of taking turns, not running into things and even a good job parking!

Here's a few more random pics of our boys from this week. Enjoy!

Asleep sitting up in the living room recliner!

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