Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Karate Man

Over the weekend we went to a Karate demonstration and promotion ceremony for Ingram's Karate in one of the local high school auditoriums. This is the main group that sponsors the satellite campus at our church. Sensei Sheri had the world master of Isshinryu Karate (Sensei Mitchum) there as a special guest which was very cool. Several adults and teenagers received black belts (1st degree shodan, 2nd degree nidan). It was super cute to watch Sensei Sheri's sons (ages 4 and 5) get on stage and demonstrate their skills at punches, kicking, pushups and situps. The best part though was watching the board breaking demonstration (feet and hands) and also Sensei Tony jumping over six people prone on the ground to do a flying side kick and break a board! Sensei Tony is Parker's teacher and he's going to represent the US in the World Championships later this year over in Thailand.

It's been six months since Parker started taking karate.
Here's a few pics of our little karate man at a recent class.

It's very cute to watching preschoolers try to do situps,
which is almost as fun as watching them try to do jumping jacks!!!

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